As one of the leading London SEO companies in the United Kingdom, we offer our expertise to many British companies and corporations. Today, anyone willing to rank higher in the search results and reach a wider audience must implement all SEO practices. In this regard, we can provide you with what you need and contribute to your company’s success. We do not perceive our clients as simple customers who receive services from us. We team up with them to maximise the results, understand their needs and goals, learn from them while teaching them, and realistically shape their plans and goals.

We adopt the most current SEO practices and closely follow the developments in the SEO industry to offer the quickest results for our clients. With years of experience in the SEO industry, we have the required industrial information to understand the nature of your business and take action accordingly. With years of experience in the SEO industry, we can provide all you need to achieve what you deserve in the online world. We provide quick solutions without excuses and take immediate action according to the constantly changing dynamics of SEO competitions. If you are looking for a solid solution partner for your online efforts, we are always one call away from you.

SEO Consultant London

SEO Consultant London

As a London SEO agency, we can provide guidance and consultancy to help you rank higher and maintain your position for many years. You can promote your brand or products to everyone living in London at no additional cost. Our experience and expertise will be your most extensive arsenal in competing with your possible rivals located in the United Kingdom. We commit ourselves to each project we are working on and never stop until we receive the desired results of our partners and the effects that can satisfy us.

Focusing on a predetermined area will help you cut costs and receive quicker and more cost-effective results than organic SEO. It is also a better and proven method to increase your sales, attract more customers to your physical store or reach a broader audience in your area.

We closely monitor the developments in the industry and implement the most current strategies to make sure that we quickly respond to constant changes in the SEO world. We always ensure that your online asset will comply with the new requirements and developments determined by search engine algorithms. SEO will help us to rank your website higher than possible and let you enjoy permanent solutions.

Many factors can affect the overall ranking of your website, page, or content. Luckily, we have been in the industry long enough to know all the tricks in SEO applications. Sometimes, you can rank up to a specific ranking with regular SEO practices due to harsh competition in your industry. It may not satisfy you as it will not satisfy us and does not comply with our principles. In these times, we take complete control and implement our proven methods and practices to make your online asset more favourable for search engines.

Where experience matters.

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Permanent Results

We have provided guidance and services for numerous London and United Kingdom companies to rank number one on search engines. We promise better results for any business. We do not perceive our clients as regular customers who receive services from us but as our partners who share success.

Regular and Clear Reporting

Transparency is one of the principles which we will never compromise. We believe informing our partners about the current and ongoing efforts helps them create a better business plan. This better plan also allows us to implement the proper techniques at the correct times. As a result, transparency leads both of us to a vicious cycle, which ensures success with the minimum effort and cost. Thus, we present transparent and regular reporting on a weekly and monthly basis to inform our partners.


Looking for an SEO consultant who has vast knowledge? It’s Bertan Uzun. I am an SEO consultant who works for businesses in London. Search engine optimisation is my main business since 2009. I use Google SEO and Webmaster guidelines to increase my clients’ search engine positions to help their sales and profit goals.

Did you get tired of SEO consultants that can’t keep their fancy promises before becoming a partner? Or did you get rid of complex and weird terminology that they assume you must know just because you want to grow your audience or business? If so, my excellence in the industry and SEO consultancy services may be what you need!

Would you want to work with me on my high-end freelance London SEO services? All my SEO strategies are based on Google, ethical, and white hat techniques to grow the website’s search engine rankings. I have worked as an SEO consultant on a lot of websites from various industries. On this page, you can find some detailed information on my SEO services, my principles, and why you may want to hire me to assist you in SEO.

SEO expertise needs technical website development knowledge, content marketing, and on-page and off-page SEO techniques. I can undertake this complex job for you. Your website is going to update on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you will get your reports every month to see the results.

I have been serving in the SEO industry for 12 years and have assisted hundreds of companies and brands in achieving their goals. I pay utmost attention and always keep up with new practices and updates. By being one step ahead in the competition, I also help my partners stand out in their industry competition.

London SEO Services

Organic SEO

Organic SEO is the most common and generalised SEO practice that is carried out to rank a website, page, or content on the highest rank possible in national search results. Organic SEO is widely preferred by successful businesses that do not have any restrictions on delivering their services and products. For example, if you are an apparel brand, you would like to focus on organic SEO services to enjoy increased product exposure. Organic SEO allows the maximum return with minimum investment since losing your ranking is a lot more challenging than achieving that ranking. If you follow certain principles and keep your website, page, or content search engine friendly, you can enjoy your order for many years at a minimum cost.

Local SEO

Local SEO services are very similar to organic SEO services, but you do not worry about ranking higher this time across the United Kingdom. Instead, we are going to help you to rank higher in a predetermined area. Local SEO services are generally preferred by businesses that offer services and products with a restricted location. In addition to this, it is a great choice to build brand awareness. If you are a local store or service provider, you can enjoy increased exposure without the need for competing with national companies and providers. Focusing on a predetermined area will help you cut your costs and receive quicker and cost-effective results compared to organic SEO. It is also a better and proven method to increase your sales, attract more customers to your physical store or reach a broader audience in your area.

SEO Service Prices Specialised For London-Based Companies

  • SEO Audit

  • £250 / One time

  • PageSpeed Test
  • Mobile Friendly Test
  • Heading Structure Audit
  • Meta Title and Description Audit
  • How to fix the issues documentation
  • 2 hours of support
  • Site Growing

  • £750 / Month

  • PageSpeed Optimisation
  • Mobile Friendly Optimisation
  • Image Optimisation
  • Fix the meta issues
  • Content Writing
  • 4 hours of support
  • Full + Full SEO

  • £1500 / Month

  • Backlink Growing
  • Code Optimisation
  • Content Publishing
  • Core Web Vitals
  • Increase the SEO scores in SEO tools
  • 6 hours of support

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need SEO?

As previously mentioned, SEO is a must, and it helps you to improve your online presence. SEO is a series of actions and strategies, which make your website or social media accounts more algorithm-friendly. As a result, these algorithms put you top of the list when a user searches for particular keywords.

What's the benefits of SEO?

SEO is a very cost-effective way in digital marketing. When we start working, it is our top priority to have fast and user-friendly websites. SEO drives 1000% more traffic than any other channel. The World Wide Web has 90% of pages without organic search traffic from Google. SEO helps us to not lost our website. 92% of keywords get ten or fewer searches per month, so long-tail keywords are so important. Let’s research your target keywords and increase the gap. Rank higher in search engines and get overqualified traffic results. SEO allows you to build trust in your brand and influence internet users.

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Uncertainty is the nature of SEO costs because every business is unique and has specific goals and preferences. Moreover, SEO is a series of applications that are customised according to your preferences. In addition to this, many factors can directly affect the overall cost. You can contact us at any time to receive a free quote and learn the SEO costs for your business, website, or any social media asset.

Why Should You Focus on SEO?

Nowadays, SEO and PPC are the most talked about two concepts in the business world. The increasing internet usage trend forced all businesses to expand their operations to the online world. Suppose you want to benefit from these advantages and grow your business with minimum cost. Unfortunately, you cannot improve your online presence with outdated practices and personal efforts. You need to benefit from the experience of SEO experts, which we offer plenty of specialists for you as a part of our partnership.

Why Should You Work with Us?

Although we have already provided you with the most important reasons in the above sections, you may still have worries or questions on your mind. We will always be pleased to provide consultancy and replies to them. You can contact us at any time to get detailed information or discuss the things on your mind.

Our most significant advantage in the SEO industry is our solid, experienced, and large team that can provide you with the best results in the possible and realistic period. We owe our success to our professional team, and we carried out numerous projects together to help London-based companies to rank number one on various keywords.

We also believe that transparency is the most crucial element in our efforts. We also expect the same from your business. It is because we can achieve better and more with mutual transparency. If we can fully understand your expectations and goals, we can act accordingly.

Realistic goals and a robust solid plan will not only contribute to our success, which is the success of your business. It will also help us to create a mutual understanding and a great working environment for both parties.

When Can I See the Results of SEO?

SEO depends on many factors, including your industry. Moreover, we need to review your current standing to provide you with an approximate period. You can be sure that we will take your online asset to the ranking it deserves as quickly as possible. We are aware of the fact that your success is our success. You can always contact us to request an audit and free quote.

What Do We Offer to Our Partners?

We do not perceive people who are looking for SEO solutions as a customer but a partner. By establishing deep connections and understanding your brand or business, we promise long-lasting and effective results. Thus, all you need to do is enjoy your organic rankings, directly affecting the number of visitors you attract and the sales you perform. Moreover, we do our best to include you and your decision-makers in the process. Our services offer a great opportunity to have full control over your online strategies and better understand your efforts.

How Long Should I Wait for Results?

SEO process depends on many factors. We will perform an SEO audit on your online presence and provide detailed information about what you need to expect from our partnership. We need to discuss your expectations, plans, and current situation before providing you with any deadline for our SEO efforts to affect your overall online presence.

Do You Provide Google Ads Services?

Of course, our expert team also provides consultancy and takes care of your Google Ads along with local SEO and organic SEO services. We help you rank higher in natural SEO and place you at the top of the list in paid campaigns.

Why Is SEO Important for Your Business?

SEO, i.e., search engine optimisation, is a series of actions and adjustments to make your online assets favourable for the search engine algorithms. Some people say SEO is the art of deceiving the search engine algorithms to rank your website or content higher on search results. No matter which one you believe in, SEO requires an effort that is 100% rewarding in the end. SEO is essential for any online asset because it is the only way to rank higher on search results and enjoy increased exposure. Unfortunately, websites ranking on the second page of search results can only receive 3% of the total traffic for that specific quarry.

Is It Realistic to Quick SEO Expect Results?

SEO requires and takes time. Nothing can happen overnight in SEO strategies and plans. We need to build authority for your business on the online platforms so that the results can be long-lasting. It would be best if you think twice for any company that promises results quick results.

Should I Focus on On-Page SEO or Local SEO?

Some business types can enjoy better results in local SEO, while others do better with on-page SEO. However, the majority of the businesses must focus on both organic and local SEO for improved exposure. We can provide you with the guidance you need to determine which one is better for you and your business. As a London SEO company, we do not provide services but also partner with our customers to team up to get the best results.

Can You Improve My Google Search Rankings?

Of course, we can! We are specialised in improving the Google search page rankings of our partners. There are two methods to ensure this, which are SEO and PPC. Depending on your choice, we can assist you in both of these concepts regardless of your industry.

Why May You Need an Experienced SEO Consultant?

The competition on the internet is quite harsh when compared to the actual competition in the markets. In addition to this, the number of potential audiences’ virtual platforms exceeded the number of fundamental needs. Businesses that want to achieve success or grow their target audience should take advantage of the internet. However, since most companies in the world are trying to benefit from the internet with the same purpose, it is always beneficial to receive professional assistance. My services will help you grow your business, reach your potential audience, and cut your costs.

How to Determine the Best Keywords for My Business?

In general, the best keywords are the ones that are directly related to the services and products you offer. However, depending on the competitiveness of specific keywords, sometimes it is better to focus on the least searched words and phrases. We will help you save time, money, and effort while attracting more traffic to your website.

Why should you invest some into SEO and enjoy a great deal of exposure in the long term?

SEO is vital because the vast majority of the businesses that take their business online are aware of this fact. As a result, the competition in SEO is increasing every single day. As more and more enterprises notice the power of SEO, they give priority to it and enjoy sales, calls, and subscriptions a lot more when compared to their mortar and brick stores.

The number of visitors you can attract to your physical business is limited to your loyal customers and people who will pass by your street. This number can increase to a certain extent, even on special days or events organised in your area. On the other hand, the number of people you can attract to your online business is far more than your physical store.

Today, a specific term that is least searched is searched for at least 1000 times on average in a day. Some keywords are searched millions of times a day. Why should you accept your destiny and wait for people to walk in your store while investing a little in SEO and expose your business to millions?


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