Digital Marketing Consultant Manchester

Digital marketing is applying every way the digital world has to offer to reach the final objectives of a business. These ways of the digital world can be search engines, internet, social media, or any other channel. While traditional marketing only offers a limited variety of advertisements, such as printed documents or phone calls, digital marketing channels have various methods to choose from. All in all, it is fundamental to your marketing efforts and brand reputation in this era.

Search Engine Optimisation

More than 90% of the users find what they are looking for on the first page of search engines. When this is the case, a business should make sure that it ranks high on these platforms. The method of this is using SEO, knowing, and applying exactly what search engines want in a website. Because if search engines don’t list you, you end up being invisible on the web world. There are so many steps for a good SEO strategy, but you can start by researching on target keywords, optimizing the user experience on the website, learning technical SEO methods, and applying the backlink strategies.

Search Engine Marketing

Formerly Google AdWords now Google Ads, is simply a marketplace where you can buy ads at a price per click (PPC) that is suitable for your budget. Google has various tools linked to Google Ads such as Smart Campaigns, Google Ad Manager, or Google Marketing Platform, each requiring its specific knowledge.

Website Design & Development

It is the digital era, so your website is most likely to be the place your customers start engaging with you. Therefore it needs to be designed as mobile-friendly, easy to use for customers, and aesthetic. To make sure you will end up with a high converting website, you need to work with professionals. I guarantee you to deliver a beautifully crafted website and can share my references from every industry, nationally and internationally.

Digital Marketing