Broadband Speed Test – Internet

What is the Speed ​​Test? It is the name given to the measurement made with Download and Upload tests. Along with the increase in speed, the important thing that users pay attention to is internet speed. In this page Mobile phone or Cable Fiber internet users will be able to measure. You can press the start button at the bottom to test the ping measurement, download and upload speed. We recommend that you do not make another download while calculating your speed and continuing the test. Also, in wireless connections, speed may be reduced due to distances from the modem.

Did you know that 90% of the speed tests you do on the internet are fake? This is because you connect to the server closest to you. The server closest to you will already be the fastest server. This is like connecting to a computer in the next room. However, our speed of connecting to the next room does not matter. You can find out your real internet speed with the tool at the bottom. Thanks to the tool provider Microsoft.

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