Freelance SEO

Results-driven SEO services as like your company department. I will optimise your site as if it were my own. Let's apply the best SEO practices.

Technical SEO

Let's fix the technical issues on your site. Whether you have a software team or not, I can adapt quickly to your software team. I can fix the issues on your site on my own.

Website Optimisation

Whether you use WordPress and any other CMS maybe you have your own software structure, here with Bertan you can optimise your site better than your competitors!

Outsourcing SEO

Do you have a digital agency? Would you like to work with a subcontractor SEO consultant? Here you're the best SEO Manager friend. I will complete jobs without any commands.

SEO Consultant Manchester

We should analyse your website, your market and competitors position. If we can find their top pages within keywords, we can create content like them. I will work on your site to create an advanced SEO analysis firstly. After this audit, we can easily see the major issues on your site.

Then I fix and improve in-page issues on the website such as meta title and description, title, structured data implementation. Meaningful and well-written content. A user-friendly and fast-running website that builds a loyal relationship with users.

Next, I will find a high traffic business directory, industry-related forum blogs, and news sites to share our website backlink.

After all this process, our site rank should be an increase in the search engines. All of my works are based on Google Webmaster guideline and my experience in this industry.  We will see the results from the first month.

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Freelance SEO Services

ECommerce SEO

SEO is the most effective way to get customers to e-commerce sites. Within services, you will rank higher search results on shopping keyphrases. Most of the e-commerce sites doesn't have a good category and filter system. Almost all of them works slowly. Especially category and filter systems aren't properly. I can increase your number of orders via Google.

On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO is indispensable in search engine optimisation. We should grow the on-page compatibility with search engine spiders. Clear software infrastructure is very important for Google. For example, You shouldn't use unused codes on your site. I will diagnose meta-issues, create a better navigation system, optimise your HTML + CSS codes. After all of this process, we will reach a better indexability.

Backlink Building

A backlink is a referral link from other sites that is still very important in SEO signals. You need clickable backlinks from quality sites. What matters are natural and organic backlinks. As Google says, you shouldn't buy backlinks. What matters is your site's relationship with the World Wide Web. The backlink is still not dead. I can grow your backlinks from the related categories websites with your site.

SEO Training

Learn how to do white-hat and effectively Search Engine Optimisation for your business. I will share the strategies for entrepreneurs and business owners who would like to learn SEO knowledge. This advanced course will transform you into a full professional SEO consultant. This training isn't only for SEO experts. It helps digital marketers, agency directors, social media managers and software developers. I am waiting for you guys!

Structured Data

Although Structured Data is a field that was around for quite some time, it is still underused by many businesses, websites and even SEO companies. If you’ve performed a search on a search engine and had a box showing on the screen with some questions and an answer at the bottom, or been shown a review then you’ve seen structured data before. By expanding the rich snippet, users like the ease of use and they enjoy getting their answer as fast as possible.

Content Marketing

A good content marketing uses a bright idea or valuable data and creates a brilliant output, combining aesthetics and customer information at hand. It is like a well-written poetry book that you can’t leave or a fast-paced song that you don’t get tired of. Your content is what your customers will associate with your business, bringing you recognition as a brand worth spending money, time and energy in. With the help of your content, you will enhance your customer portfolio and reputation.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engines are the best way to connect with ready-to-buy leads. I offer 365-degree search engine marketing for your website. It includes search engine optimisation and search engine marketing. A detailed campaign set up with Google Ads (PPC). You should know that what is Quality Score means. It works behind the Google Ads to calculate which site is better. If you have a good quality score, it means your ads will show better.

Website Optimisation

Would you like to build an optimised website? All my websites are compatible with Google. I saw that web designers or companies aren't building a website for SEO. For me, that's the worst thing in the web design industry. I will use Google Webmaster guideline and Google website test tools are our main sources. An attractive and user-friendly website is crucial. I offer website maintenance and optimisation priority web design services.

Conversation Rate Optimisation

In this frequently changing digital environment, you need to know and apply what makes your customers get excited. I use the latest audience activity tracking ways to find out your user’s impressions and emotions about your website. I use deep data mining to apply effective modifications to your website that will bring significant enhancement to your final leads and sales. We can find a better entice method with an industry-leading website, various a/b testing, discounts and slogans maybe loyalty programs.

Page Speed Optimisation

One of Google's best goals is to Make the Web Faster for Everyone. I speeded up over 50 websites. Improving our load time by 0.1s can boost conversion rates by 8%. The next is yours? We will get better page speed scores from google Than your competitors.

International SEO

Whether your SEO aim is Local, national or international, here you found an international SEO specialist. I have more than 7 countries experiences. They were multilanguage and Europe based websites. We have grown them with an excellent software team in my last employer. The next is maybe yours?

YouTube SEO

YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the World and users very interested in videos. They're funny, informative and educational. Title, Description, Tags, Languages, Thumbnail, View Rate and Location, they are the major sorting algorithm in YouTube. Please check my channel and don't hesitate to contact with me to grow your channel.

Google Account Management

Some of the Google tools have their own industry. For example, Google Analytics help us to understand users and what are they doing on our site, where are they come from. Google My Business to create and manage Google Maps location. Google Data Studio to create automated reports and to see pre-prepared customised reports. Google Optimize to increase the conversation rate via A/B tests. Google Tag Manager works to manage the tags effectively. It helps us to track phones, conversion tracking, embeds the codes like Facebook Pixel. Google use Search console to communicate with webmasters. I can manage all of them for you to make your Google marketing experience easier. As you know most of the Google tools are free. So why not we use them?

Local SEO

I am a specialized, local SEO expert for the Greater Manchester area. Local SEO services can help you rank higher on search engines in your local area or in different business locations. Local SEO is a service for businesses which need to enhance their website rankings for location-related search terms. Actually, Google Maps optimisation may be so powerful that searchers will most of the time click on your phone number and call you without even checking out your website. Though optimizing websites for Google Map results in a correct way may be a long and detailed practice (depending on the term competition), it is truly profitable. It means that, if your website is ranking at the top of the Google Map results, then your website comes out above all of the organic rankings.

Pre-Answered Questions

What is SEO?

SEO is the method of implementing ways to show a business’s web page higher in search engines. SEO helps us maximise website traffic by optimising a website according to the algorithms of search engine platforms. It provides many benefits other than SEO too. One of the best features in SEO to obtain is quickly working websites. Site-structure and navigation system becomes much more readable and findable. In this way, you increase conversions on your site.

How to add a business to Google Maps?

With a Google My Business account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps. You should register with your business name, address and some more information. Then you have to verify your location with a pin code. If you have already a place on Google, you can click “Own this business?” link to claim it.


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