Looking for an SEO consultant who has vast knowledge? It’s Bertan Uzun. I am an SEO consultant who works for businesses in London. Search engine optimisation is my main business since 2009. I use Google SEO and Webmaster guidelines to increase my clients’ search engine positions to help their sales and profit goals.

Did you get tired of SEO consultants that can’t keep their fancy promises before becoming a partner? Or did you get rid of complex and weird terminology that they assume you must know just because you want to grow your audience or business? If so, my excellence in the industry and SEO consultancy services may be what you need!

Would you want to work with me with my high-end freelance London SEO services? All my SEO strategies are based on Google, ethical, and white hat techniques to grow the website’s search engine rankings. I have worked as an SEO consultant on a lot of websites from various industries. On this page, you can find some detailed information on my SEO services, my principles, and why you may want to hire me to assist you in SEO. 

SEO expertise needs technical website development knowledge, content marketing, on-page and off-page SEO techniques. I can undertake this complex job for you. Your website is going to update on an ongoing basis. Furthermore, you will get your reports every month to see the results.

I have been serving in the SEO industry for 12 years and have assisted hundreds of companies and brands in achieving their goals. I pay utmost attention and always keep up with new practices and updates. By being one step ahead in the competition, I also help my partners stand out in their industry competition.


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Freelance SEO Services

ECommerce SEO

SEO is the best way to attract customers who have already interested and searching for your products. Thanks to my SEO specialise get higher search engine results on shopping keywords. Let's increase the user experience, page speed, your website contents and a better navigation system. I have work for Etsy, Shopify, WooCommerce and Magento platforms.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is essential in Search engine optimisation. I build better SEO compatibility with search engine robots. A basic roadmap for this is to clean codes from the browsers better for crawling, create a better meta title, description and heading system, better navigation system, optimised and added alt tag images gets more Google images traffic. I will audit your website to see the On-page SEO issues quickly.

Backlink Building

A backlink is simply a reference link from other sites, which is a significant value in SEO. The backlinks also named Of-Page SEO. I grow the websites backlinks from the related categories of the target website. Backlink determines your website's relationship with the world wide web. I work with London's best news sites to build a great number of backlinks. Bertan is proud to offer high-end backlink services.

SEO Training

SEO training is an advanced SEO course that aims to train companies' employees. I will share what I know. This course can transform content marketing, digital marketing consultants into an SEO expert. All digital business owners must know more or fewer SEO techniques.

Structured Data

Structured data is a ranking factor to be understood by web bots such as Google, Alexa, Siri, etc. It gives extra information about your business type, description, products, prices, location. I use schema to create structured data types. You must saw rich results on some searches. Most of them were created by the Structured data.

Content Marketing

Search engines are designed to detect the best content that beneficial for the users. You shouldn't use duplicate, uninformative contents on the website. The best contents give the highest ranking on the search engines. All users of your site must find the information that are they looking for.

Search Engine Marketing

The biggest Search engine marketing channel is Google Ads. Which is given the opportunity to list the websites in the first position of Google in little time. If you compare SEO and SEM efforts together it means high ads score called the quality score. More quality score means more clicks within less budget.

Pre-Answered Questions

Why May You Need an Experienced SEO Consultant?

The competition on the internet is quite harsh when compared to the actual competition in the markets. In addition to this, the number of potential audiences’ virtual platforms exceeded the number of fundamental needs. Businesses that want to achieve success or grow their target audience should take advantage of the internet. However, since most companies in the world are trying to benefit from the internet with the same purpose, it is always beneficial to receive professional assistance. My services will help you grow your business, reach your potential audience, and cut your costs.

What Do I Offer to My Partners?

Depending on the goals and nature of your business, I provide services in all kinds of SEO application fields. I am equipped with the required skill set and experience to offer solutions for businesses of all sizes. If you are a local business, no problem, I can help you improve your local organic ranking and provide you with consultancy. Maybe you are a national business, which is planning to expand its operations, no problem! I can help you to improve your online presence both in London and your potential target markets.

Why May You Want to Hire Me as Your New SEO Consultant?

Today, it is possible to find dozens and even hundreds of SEO services by performing quick research on any search engine. My consultancy is fed from the success of its partners. I am aware of this fact and work hard to ensure you will be achieving what your company is striving to. To ensure this, I take advantage of my proven strategies. Although every business and industry has unique needs, I can easily adjust our proven strategies depending on your needs and ensure success.

I have been serving in this industry for enough time and became partners with enough brands to know and foresee which practices are or are not ideal for your company or brand. 

What Do I Do Guarantee in Our Partnerships?

Here is brief information on how I work and what I do for my partners. I initiate our operations by generating a detailed keyword research report and competitor analysis for you. This process helps us to understand the nature of your industry and brand/company better. By establishing a solid foundation, I take our efforts to the next step: SEO Audit.

In SEO Audit, I will check your website. Audits give a detailed understanding of where you or your company is standing in the SEO competition. I also provide detailed feedback about your previous efforts and actions. Moreover, I will be informing you about the future and possible projects we may need to take together.

This process also includes website optimisation and a plan to improve your organic ranking and reach a broader audience for your company, brand, services, or products. I always involve you in my efforts and team to have complete control and a better understanding of my online strategies. If you would like to get more information on my services and a possible partnership, you can contact me any time of the day by any means.


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