Improve your pageSpeed with removing unused CSS


It was a big problem to remove your unused CSS. Especially with Google Coverage, it was like torture. Until today! I found a website today which is helpful to remove unused CSS. I had been used other tools too, but this tool is different because it let you analysis subpages too. Other tools work for just one page.

I saw a lot of webmasters, front-end developers who afraid of deleting their code. Don’t to be afraid of deleting your codes and do not forget that, Google removes 2 million sentence codes per day. If you made some user interface tests after that process it is not complicated, straightforward.

How can you remove your unused CSS?

  1. First of all, close your cache applications which are working for CSS.
  2. After that, go to and analyse your minimum 2 pages which have different design. If you make for all of the different styles, it will be better.
Remove CSS 1

3. Afterward, Here we are. We found using CSS codes. You can upload those codes to your FTP, delete your cache and open your cache applications for CSS.

4. Finally, Check your website changes(Two screen monitor with manually and using this tool: )

Remove Your CSS with Google Devtools

This method is a thing of the past, but it is still the most reliable method.

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